Băng cassette chọn lọc, The Best Of Cliff Richard & The Shadows

Băng cassette chọn lọc

Băng cassette chọn lọc, The Best Of Cliff Richard & The Shadows


Nhãn băng: Reader’s Digest

Số lượng: 4 Cassette

Tình trạng: Rất tốt (VG+)

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Băng cassette chọn lọc, The Best Of Cliff Richard & The Shadows

Băng cassette chọn lọc


Tape 1

Side A

Cliff’s Golden Hits

A1-1    Move It –Cliff Richard With The Drifters (2)

A1-2    Living Doll –Cliff Richard With The Drifters (2)

A1-3    Travellin’ Light –Cliff Richard With The Shadows

A1-4    A Girl Like You –Cliff Richard With The Shadows

A1-5    Bachelor Boy –Cliff Richard With The Shadows

A1-6    Lucky Lips –Cliff Richard With The Shadows

A1-7    It’s All In The Game –Cliff Richard

A1-8    Don’t Talk To Him –Cliff Richard With The Shadows

A1-9    Constantly –Cliff Richard

A1-10  The Minute You’re Gone –Cliff Richard

A1-11  Wind Me Up (Let Me Go)–Cliff Richard

A1-12  Congratulations –Cliff Richard

A1-13  Throw Down A Line –Cliff Richard With Hank Marvin

A1-14  Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha –Cliff Richard


Side B            

Memories Are Made Of Hits

B1-1    Perfidia –The Shadows

B1-2    Fly Me To The Moon –Cliff Richard

B1-3    Maria Elena –The Shadows

B1-4    Theme From ‘A Summer Place’–Cliff Richard

B1-5    Brazil –The Shadows

B1-6    Tonight –The Shadows

B1-7    Sway –Cliff Richard & The Shadows

B1-8    I’m Looking Out The Window –Cliff Richard

B1-9    Stardust –The Shadows

B1-10  Blue Moon –Cliff Richard

B1-11  The Breeze And I –The Shadows

B1-12  Spanish Harlem –Cliff Richard

B1-13  Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?–Cliff Richard & The Shadows

B1-14  Temptation –The Shadows


Tape 2:          

Side A

The Shadows’ Golden Hits

A2-1    Apache –The Shadows

A2-2    Man Of Mystery –The Shadows

A2-3    The Savage –The Shadows

A2-4    F.B.I.–The Shadows

A2-5    The Frightened City –The Shadows

A2-6    Kon-Tiki –The Shadows

A2-7    Wonderful Land –The Shadows

A2-8    Dance On –The Shadows

A2-9    Foot Tapper –The Shadows

A2-10  Shindig –The Shadows

A2-11  Geronimo –The Shadows

A2-12  Atlantis –The Shadows

A2-13  The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt –The Shadows

A2-14  Theme For Young Lovers –The Shadows


Side B

Rockin’ With Cliff And The Shadows

B2-1    High Class Baby –Cliff Richard And The Drifters

B2-2    Reelin’ And Rockin’–Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B2-3    River Deep Mountain High –The Shadows

B2-4    Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On –Cliff Richard And The Drifters

B2-5    Livin’ Lovin’ Doll –Cliff Richard And The Drifters

B2-6    Bony Moronie –The Shadows

B2-7    Good Golly Miss Molly –Cliff Richard

B2-8    Ready Teady –Cliff Richard And The Drifters

B2-9    Please Don’t Tease –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B2-10  Dynamite –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B2-11  Cathy’s Clown –The Shadows

B2-12  Nine Times Out Of Ten –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B2-13  Razzle Dazzle –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B2-14  It’ll Be Me –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B2-15  Riders In The Sky –The Shadows


Tape 3

Side A

Hits From The Movies And Shows

A3-1    Summer Holiday –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A3-2    Theme From ‘The War Lord’           –The Shadows

A3-3    I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You)–Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A3-4    Don’t Cry For Me Argentina –The Shadows

A3-5    Wonderful Life –Cliff Richard

A3-6    Cavatina –The Shadows

A3-7    On The Beach –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A3-8    The Young Ones –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A3-9    You’re The One That I Want –The Shadows

A3-10  A Voice In The Wilderness –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A3-11  Geni With The Light Brown Lamp –The Shadows

A3-12  Finders Keepers –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A3-13  Take Me High –Cliff Richard

A3-14  Time Drags By –Cliff Richard And The Shadows


Side B

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

B3-1    Dancing Shoes –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B3-2    The Rumble –The Shadows

B3-3    Blame It On The Bossa Nova          –Cliff Richard

B3-4    Chattanooga Choo Choo –The Shadows

B3-5    Fall In Love With You –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B3-6    Johnny B Goode –The Shadows

B3-7    Tennessee Waltz –The Shadows

B3-8    Rhythm And Greens –The Shadows

B3-9    Save The Last Dance For Me –Cliff Richard

B3-10  Guitar Tango –The Shadows

B3-11  Do You Want Dance?           –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B3-12  Walk Don’t Run –The Shadows

B3-13  In The Country –Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B3-14  Good Vibrations –The Shadows


Tape 4

Side A

With Love-From Cliff And The Shadows

A4-1    All My Love –Cliff Richard

A4-2    Miss You Nights –Cliff Richard

A4-3    God Only Knows –The Shadows

A4-4    The Next Time –Cliff Richard & The Shadows

A4-5    The Day I Met Marie –Cliff Richard

A4-6    The Most Beautiful Girl –The Shadows

A4-7    It’s All Over –Cliff Richard

A4-8    When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart –Cliff Richard

A4-9    Theme For A Dream –Cliff Richard & The Shadows

A4-10  Bright Eyes –The Shadows

A4-11  I Love You –Cliff Richard & The Shadows

A4-12  Don’t Make My Baby Blue –The Shadows

A4-13  The Twelfth Of Never –Cliff Richard

A4-14  Visions –Cliff Richard

A4-15  True Love Ways –Cliff Richard With The London Philharmonic Orchestra


Side B

Today’s Great Hits

B4-1    Power To All Our Friends –Cliff Richard

B4-2    Wired For Sound –Cliff Richard

B4-3    Baker Street –The Shadows

B4-4    Dreamin’–Cliff Richard

B4-5    Please Don’t Fall In Love –Cliff Richard

B4-6    The Only Way Out –Cliff Richard

B4-7    Devil Woman –Cliff Richard

B4-8    Let Me Be The One –The Shadows

B4-9    My Kinda Life –Cliff Richard

B4-10  Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto De Aranjuez –The Shadows

B4-11  Carrie –Cliff Richard

B4-12  We Don’t Talk Anymore –Cliff Richard


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