Bộ 3 băng cassette ABBA, The Best Of ABBA

ABBA cassette tape, The Best Of ABBA

Bộ 3 băng cassette ABBA, The Best Of ABBA


Nhãn băng: Reader’s Digest

Số lượng: 3 Cassettes

Tình trạng: Rất tốt (VG+)

Mô tả sản phẩm

Bộ 3 băng cassette ABBA, The Best Of ABBA

ABBA cassette tape

Băng cassette với những bài hát hay nhất của ban nhạc ABBA


Volume 1

Side A

A1        Waterloo

A2        Voulez-Vous

A3        Tropical Loveland

A4        S.O.S

A5        Rock Me

A6        If It Wasn’t For The Nights

A7        Hole In Your Soul

A8        I’ve Been Waiting For You

A9        Mama Mia

A10      Suzy-Hang-Around

A11      Tiger

A12      Take a Chance


Side B

B1        He Is Your Brother

B2        Watch Out

B3        Does Your Mother Know

B4        Bang-a-Boomerang

B5        I’m a Marionette

B6        Dancing Queen

B7        My Love, My Life

B8        Nina Pretty Balerina

B9        Arrival

B10      Chiquitita

B11      Why Did it Have to Be Me

B12      The King Has Lost His Crown


Volume 2

Side A

A1        One Man One Woman

A2        Dance While The Music Still Goes On

A3        Hasta Manana

A4        The Winner Takes It All

A5        Hey Hey Helen

A6        Eagle

A7        Money Money Money

A8        When I Kissed The Teacher

A9        Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Man After Midnight

A10      Kisses of Fire

A11      Dum Dum Diddle

A12      So Long


Side B

B1        Summer Night City

B2        I Wonder Departure

B3        I Do,I Do,I Do,I Do,I Do

B4        As Good As New

B5        Another Town, Another Train

B6        Fernando

B7        Angel Eyes

B8        Gonna Sing You My Love Song

B9        Ring Ring

B10      Lovers Live A Little Longer

B11      Knowing Me, Knowing You

B12      Thank You For The Music


Volume 3

Side A

A1        The Name of The Game

A2        People Need Love

A3        Man In The Middle

A4        I Have A Dream

A5        My Mama Said

A6        Honey Honey

A7        That’s Me

A8        Move On

A9        Super Trouper

A10      Intermezzo No. 1

A11      Me and I


Side B

B1        Elaine

B2        Andante, Andante

B3        Happy New Year

B4        Lay All Your Love On Me

B5        Crazy World

B6        The Piper

B7        The Way Old Friends Do

B8        Lovelight

B9        Our Last Summer

B10      On and On and On

B11      Rock ‘n’ Roll Band


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