Cassette KuschelRock 9, bộ 2 băng rất hiếm


Cassette KuschelRock 9, bộ 2 băng rất hiếm


Nhãn băng: Columbia

Số lượng: 2 Cassettes

Tình trạng: Rất tốt (VG+)

Mã: E-KuschelRock-07 Danh mục: , Từ khóa: , , , ,

Mô tả sản phẩm

17Cassette KuschelRock 9, bộ 2 băng


Tape 1

Side A

A1        Take That        -Back For Good (3:59)

Written-By – G. Barlow

A2        The Connells–  ’74 – ’75 (4:34)

Written-By – M. Connell

A3        Roxette           -Vulnerable (4:25)

Written-By – P. Gessle

A4        Bruce Springsteen      -Streets Of Philadelphia (3:14)

Written-By – Bruce Springsteen

A5        Celine Dion     -Think Twice (4:10)

Written-By – A. Hill, P. Sinfield

A6        Peter Cetera With Crystal Bernard    – (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight (4:34)

Written-By – Goldmark, Carmen

A7        Boyz II Men     -I’ll Make Love To You (3:57)

Written-By – Babyface

A8        Janet Jackson            -Again (3:46)

Written-By – J. Jackson, J. Harris III – T. Lewis

A9        East 17            -Stay Another Day (4:25)

Written-By – Hawken, R. Kean, A. M. Mortimer


Side B

B1        Annie Lennox  -No More I Love You’s (4:49)

Written-By – D. Freeman, J. Hughes

B2        Phil Collins      -Do You Remember (4:33)

Written-By – P. Collins

B3        Robert Palmer            -Know By Now (3:59)

Written-By – R. Palmer

B4        Mike & The Mechanics           -Over My Shoulder (3:36)

Written-By – M. Rutherford, P. Carrack

B5        Toni Braxton   -Breathe Again (4:28)

Written-By – Babyface

B6        Joshua Kadison          -Beautiful In My Eyes 4:06)

Written-By – J. Kadison

B7        Scarlet -Independent Love Song (3:50)

Written-By – C. Parker, J. Youle

B8        Guns N’ Roses            -November Rain (8:54)

Written-By – W. A. Rose, D. McKagan, I. Stradlin, Slash


Tape 2

Side A

A1        Michael Jackson         -Heal The World (6:23)

Written-By – M. Jackson

A2        Mariah Carey  -Hero (4:17)

Written-By – M. Carey, W. Afanasieff

A3        Rod Stewart    -Have I Told You Lately (3:58)

Written-By – V. Morrison

A4        Rednex           -Wish You Were Here (3:56)

Written-By – L. Teijo

A5        Hootie & The Blowfish            -Let Her Cry (5:05)

Written-By – D. Rucker, D. Felber, J. “Soni” Sonefeld*, M. Bryan

A6        Seal     -Kiss From A Rose (4:47)

Written-By – Seal

A7        Alphaville         -Forever Young (3:44)

Written-By – B. Lloyd, F. Mertens, M. Gold

A8        Dusty Springfield And Daryl Hall        -Wherever Would I Be (3:50)

Written-By – D. Warren


Side B

B1        Jim Diamond  I -Should Have Known Better (4:08)

Written-By – L. G. Hamilton, J. Diamond

B2        Randy Crawford         -Holding Back The Years (5:29)

Written-By – M. Hucknall, N. Moss

B3        Portrait            -How Deep Is Your Love (3:53)

Written-By – B. Gibb – M. Gibb – R. Gibb

B4        Chicago           -If You Leave Me Now (3:53)

Written-By – P. Cetera

B5        Crash Test Dummies  -Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (3:52)

Written-By – B. Roberts

B6        Sophie B. Hawkins     -As I Lay Me Down (4:07)

Written-By – S. B. Hawkins