Cassette tape Frank Sinatra, bộ băng cassette gốc, hộp 4 băng rất đẹp, The Reprise Collection

Xem giỏ hàng “The most beautiful Melodies of the century, bộ 4 băng cassette nhạc không lời” đã được thêm vào giỏ hàng.
Cassette tape Frank Sinatra, The Reprise Collection

Cassette tape Frank Sinatra, bộ băng cassette gốc, hộp 4 băng rất đẹp, The Reprise Collection


Nhãn băng: Reprise Records

Số lượng: 4 Cassettes

Tình trạng: Rất tốt (VG+)

Mô tả sản phẩm

Cassette tape Frank Sinatra, bộ băng cassette gốc, hộp 4 băng rất đẹp, Reprise Collection cassette tape

Với những bài hát rất nổi tiếng nhất của Frank Sinatra như:

Strangers In The Night, Summer Wind, My Way, Forget To Remember , Moonlight Serenade và nhiều bài hát hay khác.

Cassette tape Frank Sinatra, bộ 4 băng, The Reprise Collection


Tape 1

Side A

1-A1.   Let’s Fall In Love       2:11

1-A2.   You’d Be So Easy To Love  2:23

1-A3.   The Coffee Song       2:50

1-A4.   Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart          2:47

1-A5.   The Last Dance         2:46

1-A6.   The Second Time Around   3:00

1-A7.   Tina    2:54

1-A8.   Without A Song        3:38

1-A9.   It Started All Over Again      2:32

1-A10. Love Walked In          2:19

1-A11. You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You            4:12

1-A12. Don’t Take Your Love From Me      4:05


Side B

1-B1.   Come Rain Or Come Shine 4:05

1-B2.   Night And Day           3:37

1-B3.   All Alone        2:43

1-B4.   What’ll I Do    3:15

1-B5.   I Get A Kick Out Of You       3:15

1-B6.   Don’Cha Go ‘Way Mad         3:11

1-B7.   A Garden In The Rain          3:20

1-B8.   A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square    3:49

1-B9.   Please Be Kind          2:41


Tape 2

Side A

2-A1.   Pennies From Heaven          3:27

2-A2.   Me And My Shadow 3:06

2-A3.   I Have Dreamed         2:57

2-A4.   America The Beautiful         2:21

2-A5.   California       3:37

2-A6.   Soliloquy        8:06

2-A7.   Luck Be A Lady         5:14

2-A8.   Here’s To The Losers          3:04

2-A9.   The Way You Look Tonight            3:22


Side B

2-B1.   My Kind Of Town     3:08

2-B2.   The Best Is Yet To Come     2:54

2-B3.   Fly Me To The Moon            2:29

2-B4.   September Song       3:30

2-B5.   It Was A Very Good Year     4:27

2-B6.   This Is All I Ask         3:03

2-B7.   I’ll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her      2:51

2-B8.   Love And Marriage   2:12

2-B9.   Moonlight Serenade 3:28

2-B10. I Wished On The Moon        2:53

2-B11. Oh, You Crazy Moon            3:13


Tape 3

Side A

3-A1.   I’ve Got You Under My Skin            3:50

3-A2.   The Shadow Of Your Smile 2:32

3-A3.   Street Of Dreams      2:17

3-A4.   You Make Me Feel So Young          3:05

3-A5.   Strangers In The Night        2:36

3-A6.   Summer Wind           2:54

3-A7.   All Or Nothing At All            3:58

3-A8.   That’s Life      3:07

3-A9.   I Concentrate On You          2:36

3-A10. Dindi   3:28

3-A11. Once I Loved 2:36


Side B

3-B1.   How Insensitive        3:16

3-B2.   Drinking Again          3:10

3-B3.   Something Stupid     2:41

3-B4.   All I Need Is The Girl            4:59

3-B5.   Indian Summer          4:12

3-B6.   My Way          4:36

3-B7.   Wave   3:19

3-B8.   A Man Alone  3:44

3-B9.   Forget To Remember           2:58


Tape 4

Side A

4-A1.   There Used To Be A Ballpark         3:36

4-A2.   What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?       4:02

4-A3.   Just As Though You Were Here     4:22

4-A4.   The Lady Is A Tramp            2:56

4-A5.   Empty Tables            2:48

4-A6.   Send In The Clowns 3:39

4-A7.   I Love My Wife           3:10

4-A8.   Nancy 2:28

4-A9.   Emily  3:00

4-A10. Sweet Lorraine          2:22

4-A11. My Shining Hour       3:23


Side B

4-B1.   More Than You Know          3:25

4-B2.   The Song Is You       2:40

4-B3.   Theme From New York, New York 3:26

4-B4.   Something     4:43

4-B5.   The Gal That Got Away/It Never Entered My Mind          5:50

4-B6.   A Long Night 3:44

4-B7.   Here’s To The Band 4:09

4-B8.   It’s Sunday     3:36

4-B9.   Mack The Knife         4:52